PS4 easier to develop for than ‘tough PS3,’ says Codemasters

Codemasters has admitted PlayStation 4’s architecture has been easier to get to grips with than its predecessor.

PS3 was notorious among developers for being a complicated piece of kit to work with during its early days. However, it seems this won’t be repeated with PS4.

“The general consensus amongst our guys is the architecture is a little easier to get our heads around”, Codemasters’ Clive Moody told EDGE. “It’s no secret that PS3 was tough, very, very, bespoke architecture.

“It was something that took us and a lot of developers a lot of time really to just understand how to squeeze the best out of it. I think from the off with PS4 architecture it’s going to be easier to get results.

“The last thing we want as developers is stuff in the way of producing and creating experiences so that’s a massive plus.”

Codemasters is currently chiselling away on GRID 2 for current-generation formats. PS4 was revealed last Wednesday at the PlayStation Meeting, and will launch alongside titles such as Killzone: Shadow Fall in holiday 2013.

Stay tuned.

via VG247