PS4 error code e-82000 affecting 2K server access

The 2K servers are currently experiencing issues, which is flagging up PS4 error code e-82000 for some users trying to connect to NBA2K16 and NBA2K17.

The official Sony explanation of the error message is that it’s because you might need to update the game.

To do this, you should press the Options button on your controller and click Check for Update if it’s not greyed out.

If this doesn’t work, some users are reporting that unplugging the Ethernet cable from your PS4, and plugging it back in solves the issue.

There was an issue with the same error code on December 11, so it might be also worth trying to clear your cache.

  • Hold down the PlayStation button on your DualShock 4
  • Choose: Turn off PS4
  • Wait until the console has powered down, and then restart.

If that hasn’t helped, it’s worth reaching out to 2K Support on Twitter to let them know you’re affected.