PS4-exclusive Dreams gets new update from Sony

Media Molecule’s Dreams is still in development despite its no-show at E3 and Paris Games Week, the senior vice president of Sony Worldwide Studios has confirmed.

Speaking during an interview with VG247, Michael Denny assured fans that we’ll hear more about the game soon.

It is still in development and it is still very, very exciting," Denny said. “We’re big fans of everything Media Molecule has done and it’s so wonderful and it’s very much in development, very much still progressing and will very much be exciting when we next talk about it.”

It’s going to be massive, its incredible, we’ve shown lots of it before. When we come back with it again – that will be fairly soon, without putting any dates on it – it’s going to blow people away," he added.

Interestingly, Sony announced the Dreams beta back at Paris Games Week 2015, although this was later delayed to 2017. Right now however, it’s unknown if the beta will actually make it out this year at all.

Sony previously touched base on the game’s E3 2017 absence, with Jim Ryan offering:

Yep, everything is fine with Dreams. We will have news of Dreams later in the year. You saw there was a fairly consistent tonality in the games last night…”

Much like LittleBigPlanet, Dreams adheres to the ‘play, create, and share’ design philosophy that has become a staple of Media Molecule titles. 

Players control an imp-like creature during gameplay, which is able to interact with the world around him and cobble together new items and characters, as well as manipulate by grabbing and pulling them via the DualShock 4 or Playstation Move controller. 

Hopefully we’ll have more news on Dreams at the PlayStation Experience in December.