PS4 firmware 1.7 to launch next week, friends list stability and game sorting may be included — rumor

The latest PlayStation 4 firmware (1.7) – which is set to include options to turn off HDCP and export captures to USB devices – may be launching as early next week, according to an industry insider

PlayStation’s English Community Manager, Chris Owen set gaming pulses racing earlier today on Twitter by mentioning how much is in-store for PlayStation gamers this week – an admission which many have interpreted as being related to the much-touted PS4 firmware update. To add further weight to proceedings, industry insider and noted NeoGAF user, Tidux has taken to a thread on the forum related to the new firmware and mentioned that there’s, ‘’plans to announce this week, and release the next.’’ Also, he has alluded to friend list stability fixes as well as a new, game sorting ability, which may-or-may-not make it into the latest update.

Previously, Tidux has lifted the lid on the PS4’s capturing resolution as far back as September, which certainly gives credence to his latest posts about the aforementioned firmware. Still, until official confirmation chalk this down as pure speculation; speculation that may become fact in the coming days.

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