PS4 firmware update 1.7 adds SHAREfactory, preloading and HDCP removal

With news earlier this week that firmware update 1.7 for PlayStation 4 is due to be released very shortly, Sony Computer Entertainment America has lifted the lid on some of the features that will be available.

An app named SHAREfactory will allow PS4 owners to customise their game videos and personalise them with a range of features including filters, transitions and themes. Not only that but we’ll be able to add soundtracks, audio commentary and be able to switch off HDCP to capture video directly from HDMI.

Users will also be able download pre-ordered games days before release, so on launch day they’ll be no hanging around waiting to play your most wanted games. Via the official PlayStation Blog, Scott McCarthy, Director of Product Planning & Software Innovation at SCEA, says:

Some of these features were a direct result of the great feedback we’ve been getting from you, our dedicated gamer community. We enjoy listening to your comments, and encourage you to continue sharing your thoughts with us. And this is just the beginning. We’ve got a lot more coming in PS4 system software update v1.70 and beyond. The PS4 experience will constantly evolve, and new innovative ideas can come from anywhere to ensure the platform continues to deliver the best in gaming and entertainment every time you turn it on.”

More details on SHAREfactory can be found in the video below…


More in-depth details can also be found on the official blog.