PS4 gets new indie title Hohokum, ‘entrancing’ gameplay also coming to PS3 and PS Vita

A brand-new independent game, Hohokum, has been announced for release in 2014 on PlayStation 4, PS3, and PS Vita.

The game is the result of a collaboration between artist Richard Hogg and London-based development studio Honeyslug. Sony Santa Monica is assuming publishing duties for this is unique take on the gaming experience. In Hohokum, you take the role of a flying, technicolor, serpent-like creature with “expressive” and “kinetic” movements.

“One of the main aims for Hohokum is to create something where the usual pressures of videogames — constantly being told to do things, fearing failure and being challenged to earn progress — were all absent,” said Hogg.

Last year’s Frobisher Says was developed by Honeyslug during a sabbatical from Hohokum production.

This announcement comes alongside a heap of news pertaining to Sony and independent game development. The PlayStation platform is currently courting dozens of indie games while winning the praises of notable developers.

Via PS Blog

Thanks to contributor Zoe Carlton