PS4 has sold 80k in Spain, outselling Xbox One by 3.5:1

PlayStation 4 has sold 80,000 units in Spain since its launch there on November 29, Sony has announced (via google translate).

The news follows confirmation from Sony last week that its next-generation home console shifted 700,000 in Europe and Australasia, with the U.K. market taking up 250,000 sales.

PlayStation Spain boss James Armstrong also revealed that PS4 is beating its leading competitor, the Xbox One, by quite a considerable margin in the country.

"We’re selling at a rate in comparison with competitors from 3.5 to 1. About twelve days of sales and them maybe 18 or 19 days of sales," said Armstrong, adding, “remembering that new machines are being distributed each week."

Sony has sold 2.1 million PS4s worldwide since its release in the U.S. on November 15.