PS4 HDR support arrives next week in PS4 update 4.0

 Via the PlayStation Meeting this evening, Sony has confirmed that all current PS4 models will receive HDR (high dynamic range) support next week.

A PS4 firmware update will enable current consoles to play HDR, though you’ll have to own a HDR-compatible TV, of course!

PlayStation 4 update 4.0

PS4 firmware update 4.0 will be available to download next week, bringing a host of new features, including HDR support.

What is HDR?

"In a nutshell, it’s the ability to display a wider and richer range of colours, much brighter whites, and much deeper, darker blacks. This gives the TV picture a more ‘dynamic’ look, which is where the name comes from.

HDR content preserves details in the darkest and brightest areas of a picture that are lost using current standards. It also allows for more natural, true-to-life colours that are closer to how we see them in real life." – Source: Trusted Reviews.

The news follows the reveal of PlayStation 4 Pro, the new upgraded PS4 model launching on November 10, 2016.Support HDR and 4K, Sony also revealed that FIFA 17 and Battlefield 1 will support the new console, and confirmed that Mass Effect Andromeda would be launching on PS4 Pro next year.