PS4 is beating Xbox One as it’s more powerful, says Star Wars Battlefront designer

The gameplay designer on Battlefield 4 and Star Wars Battlefront has shared some rather frank opinions as to why he feels the Xbox One has failed to supplant the PlayStation 4 this generation as market leader, ruffling a few feathers in the process on Twitter.

Alan Kertz, who works as gameplay designer on Battlefield 4 and Star Wars Battlefront at DICE, suggested that the PS4’s lead comes down to the fact it’s a more powerful console than Microsoft’s machine in terms of raw horsepower. 

No amount of consumer trust can change that it’s just an inferior horse in the horsepower category,” he said, adding, “Xbone (Xbox One) will always be behind the PS4 this generation because it isn’t as powerful.”

He added: “But just like last gen, when enough exclusives pile up and the price drops it’ll be a worthy purchase.”

The disparity between both system’s power has often been played down when discussing how PS4 and Xbox One perform, although this hasn’t stopped many games on Sony’s console from clocking in at a higher resolution than their Xbox One counterparts. Many games during the initial launch period performed slightly better on Sony’s machine, and you still find a few cases where Xbox One is displaying at a lower resolution than its lead rival.

In terms of numbers, PS4 has shipped over 25 million units worldwide since its launch in November 2013, although Microsoft hasn’t said how many Xbox One consoles have been moved in the same period. In addition, PS4 has managed to outsell Xbox One every month in the U.K. so far this year, and has nabbed around 70 percent of the current-gen market share in Italy. Microsoft has even admitted that Sony’s console has a significant lead over its own system.

Why do you think PS4 is outperforming Xbox One? Better games? Raw horsepower? Let us know in the comments section below.

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