PS4 Neo: Everything you need to know

PS4 Neo, or PS4.5 or PS4K, depending on who you ask, is an upgraded version of the current PS4. Due to be officially revealed on September 7 in New York at the PlayStation Meeting, with a release date expected shortly afterwards, Sony’s new hardware differs from its current model.

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What you need to know about PS4 Neo
PS4 Neo delivers an upgrade over the previous PS4 model, delivering a better CPU and an improved GPU. Though the specifications haven’t officially been released, PS4.5 is rumored to include:

  • CPU boosted from 1.6 GHz to 2.1 GHz
  • GPU upgraded from 18 CUs at 800 MHz to 36 CUs at 911 MHz
  • 8GB RAM remains same, but it will run at 218 GB/s compared to 176 GB/s

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In layman’s terms, the PS4 Neo will boast enhanced graphics with 4K output, providing you have the television to cope, and the games that support that high resolution. It’s possible that some games running at 1080p may look better on Neo (better shadowing, particle effects etc.) and boast higher frame-rates, resulting in a smoother experience.

Do you need PS4 Neo to enjoy PlayStation VR?
No. PlayStation VR, Sony’s new virtual reality headset, will also be supported by the original PS4. However, games will certainly look better on PS4 Neo due to the enhanced graphical output. Whether they’ll play more smoothly remains to be seen.

Will any PS4 Neo games be exclusive?

Apparently not. All PS4 games will work on both PS4 Neo and PS4. However, if a developer decides to support its game at a 4K resolution then you would only be able to play it at that high quality on PS4.5.

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Will games have exclusive features when running on PS4 Neo?
As mentioned in our PS4K report, Neo may have improved versions of certain features. “A theoretical example: since Rocket League features 4-player splitscreen, the NEO Mode could support say 6 players on the same screen.” Additionally, games will not be able to give any exclusive unlockables when running on the NEO console.”

Will PS4 Neo owners be able to play online with regular PS4 owners?
The whole experience between PS4 Neo owners and regular PS4 owners is completely shared. The multiplayer infrastructure, the user interface and all of its features, including the PlayStation Store, will be identical.

Will previously-released PS4 games see any improvements when running on the PS4 Neo?
It’s really up to the developer. Sony isn’t requested that previously-released PS4 games are upgraded for Neo, but developers can upgrade them if they want and issue a patch to download via the PSN.

PS4 Neo price
Sony has yet to announced the PS4 Neo price, but rumors suggest that it could retail at approximately $399. It’s widely expected that Sony will cut the price of the PS4 once it officially announces the new console.

PS4 Neo release date
Sony has yet to announce the PS4 Neo release date, though further information is expected to be revealed at the PlayStation Meeting on September 7, 2016. Rumors suggest that the new hardware will launch by the end of the year.

Should I buy PS4 Neo?
It’s very likely that Sony will sell some PS4 Neo/PlayStation VR bundles to tempt gamers to buy its upgraded console. There may even be a 4K TV bundle for those who want to go the whole hog. For those who just have to own the latest tech, PS4.5 is certainly going provide a greater performance than its predecessor, though it’s too early to tell just how much a boost that will be, and whether forking out for a new console is worth that upgrade.

Our advice: hang on to see what the PS4 Neo reviews are like post-launch.

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