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PS4 New Releases In The PlayStation Store Update – April 10

psn store update

Check out all the PS4 new releases on the PlayStation Store this week. Starting on April 10, alongside your April PS Plus games, there's a host of new titles.

All the PS4 new releases are available as digital downloads on the PSN Store. While some are available on the 10 April, others get added later this week.

Check out the full-line up of new PS4 games. The date is in brackets, otherwise it's released on 10 April.

PS4 New Releases - April 10

Deep Ones – PS4, PS Vita (Out 4/11)

Dusty Raging Fist – PS4 (Out 4/12)

Extinction – PS4

League of Evil – PS4, PS Vita (Out 4/11)

Masters of Anima – PS4

Operation Warcade – PS VR (Out 4/11)

Owlboy – PS4

Project Nimbus: Code Mirai – PS4

Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs – PS4

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rickality – PS VR

Rogue Aces – PS4, PS Vita (Out 4/12)

Starlit Adventures – PS4

Super Amazeballs – PS VR

Super Daryl Deluxe – PS4

Time Carnage – PS VR

We’re expecting Sony to reveal the PlayStation Plus May 2018 games on the last Wednesday of the month.

  • Jon

    You look at some of these indie games that look like they belong on a 16-bit 1990s game console, and you can only wonder how long before they’ll wind up among the PS PLUS monthly freebies.

  • Karine Eihen

    i was in mu thoughts, some many more important indies studios make beautiful game and stories,but them,you will never see them on ps4.You will just have google store game (they are free but it cost 15 on ps4…) and poor shitty indies (studio less experienced who doesn’t know that they publish on ps4….). so many beautiful game absent !!! it’s sad,the ps4 haven’t fill it mission. ps2 and ps3 still stay the best plateform to develop,to play,and to enjoy everyday !