PS4 Pro vs PS4 specs, graphics, head-to-head comparison

With the PS4 Pro specs now official, and now that we know exactly what’s inside Sony’s souped-up PlayStation 4 console, let’s take a look at the differences between the two models.

PS4 Pro price vs PS4 price

You can pick up a second-hand PS4 now for a couple of hundred dollars, but the recommended retail price is still $349. The PS4 Pro will retail at $399 at launch, which is exactly the same price as the original PlayStation 4 at launch three years ago but with twice the storage – that sounds like a pretty good deal.

PS4 Pro size and weight vs PS4

It will come as no surprise that the PlayStation 4 Pro is physically much beefier than the original 2013 model. This is due to the larger power connector inside that is needed for the increased power supply to run the upgraded CPU and GPU.

  • Original PS4 dimensions: 275.1 x 305.1 x 53.11mm
  • PS4 Pro dimensions: 295x327x55mm

This also means that the new console is heavier too, weighing 3.3kg compared to the original’s 2.8kg.

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PS4 Pro graphics vs PS4 graphics

This is where the two consoles will really differ. The PS4 Pro features an upgraded GPU (AMD Radeon, 4.2 TFLOP), which means that it outputs at resolutions up to 4K so games that support it (look out for the PS4 Pro Enhanced icon) will look a lot sharper compared to the maximum 1080p output of PS4 (AMD Radeon, 1.84 TFLOP).

The new console also supports HDR at launch, but the good news is there’s a firmware update coming soon for the original PS4 to also enable HDR, delivering a crisper level of detail for those games that support it.

PS4 Pro CPU vs PS4 CPU

Though both consoles include a AMD Jaguar x86-64 CPU, the PS4 Pro has an advantage with its 8-cores clocked higher than the original, which will deliver a smoother overall performance when navigating the UI and multitasking apps, such as switching between Netflix and playing games.

PS4 Pro Storage vs PS4 Storage

The launch PlayStation 4 Pro will include a 1Tb hard-drive. You can currently buy the PS4 in both 500Gb and 1Tb versions.

Anything else different?

Other differences between the two consoles include improved Bluetooth support of PS4 Pro (Bluetooth 4.0 compared to 2.1 on the original), and on the Pro you’ll also get an extra USB port on the back of the console, which should come in handy for the newly announced PS4 camera!

Stay tuned to PSU for more details on the PS4 Pro over the coming weeks as we head towards the release date of November.