PS4 Slim price revealed – Under $300

In the worst-kept secret in PlayStation history, the PlayStation 4 Slim has finally been officially revealed. We already knew most of the details about Sony’s new console, but finally we have the PS4 Slim price.

playstation 4 slim picture

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How much will PS4 Slim cost?

The PS4 Slim will retail at $299/£259. Note: we made an error in the original headline (stating under $250). This has now been updated.

PS4 Slim specs

As expected, the smaller version of the original PS4 features a few aesthetic changes, including rounded corners, and new positions for the eject and power buttons, which are now mechanical rather than touch-sensitive. It’s smaller than the PS4 and features a matte-black design, rather than the shiny surface of the original. The glowing light strip of the original console has also been stripped away.

The PlayStation 4 Slim is also accompanied by a brand new DualShock 4 controller. The new pad has had one small re-design, with the glowing blue light bar now situated just above the touch-pad. The d-pad buttons are also slightly more indented for a better grip.

new ds4 controller for playstation slim

PS4 Slim release date

As expected, the PS4 Slim will be released on September 15, 2016 in most markets, though a fair few consoles already leaked into the public domain over the last couple of weeks.

The PlayStation Meeting is currently in full swing. You can watch it live here. Sony is currently lifting the lid on another new console, codenamed PS4 Neo, as well as many other exciting announcements.

Now you know the PS4 slim price, will you be picking one up?