PS4 Slim sales fail to beat Xbox One in U.S. for September 2016

The NPD Group has confirmed hardware figures for September 2016, revealing Xbox One managed to outsell the PlayStation 4 despite the launch of the new PS4 Slim during the same month.

PS4 vs Xbox One – Microsoft scores another victory over Sony

Sony has continually outsold the Xbox One in the U.S. on a monthly basis for some time now, however this marks the third consecutive month that Microsoft’s flagship console has beaten out its lead competitor. Much of this can be attributed to the release of Xbox One S over the summer period, and while Sony launched its own slimmer console last month, it wasn’t enough to put a stop to Microsoft’s momentum in the country.

PS4 Slim was released in mid-September, and was announced alongside the upcoming PS4 Pro during Sony’s PlayStation Meeting in New York City. The console’s released in the U.K. prompted many retailers to clear out old stock of the standard PS4, leading to some cheap bundles and a surge in sales of Sony’s machine.


The slimmer version of the PS4 retails for $299/£259, although punters have a lot of new hardware to choose from this winter, including the recently launched PlayStation VR ($399/£349) and the aforementioned PS4 Pro, which is released on November 10 priced at $399/£349.

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PS4 Pro is a high-end version of Sony’s current-generation console, offering improved resolution and frame rate for games. Upcoming titles confirmed to use PS4 Pro include Final Fantasy 15, Mass Effect Andromeda, and Resident Evil 7: biohazard. In addition, a number of older titles have been patched to include HDR support—read our list of PS4 Pro games to find out what titles are compatible. 

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