PS4 takes U.S. sales lead over holidays, says analyst firm

PlayStation 4 has taken the lead in North American sales following a prosperous holiday season, analyst firm Baird and Co. has said.

The company noted that Sony’s next-generation console is slightly ahead of the Xbox One, citing sales data from U.S. chain GameStop. However, the firm said that it is far too early to determine a victor in the on-going console war.

Baird and Co.’s Colin Sebastian commented: “Sony’s PS4 clearly bounced back from our mixed early-2013 supply chain checks, and appears to have a slight momentum edge among core gamers, as demonstrated by premium prices on eBay and persistent out-of-stock reports at retail.

“A competitive ‘two horse’ console race would be positive for software publishers and retailers if Microsoft and Sony are forced to compete aggressively for market share.”

PS4 has sold over 2.1 million units of hardware across the globe as of December 1, 2013. Stock issues remained a thorn in Sony’s side in the U.S., though in the U.K., retailers have managed to maintain a steady supply of new machines.

New stock is expected in various U.K retailers this week, according to a page ad in daily rag Daily Mirror.

via VG247, Daily Mirror