PS4 update 2.50 beta leak confirms Suspend/Resume feature

BREAKING – Okay, so this isn’t 100% confirmed by Sony, but it does appear that PS4 update 2.50 will bring with it the ability to enter rest mode without closing an application. That’s the Suspend/Resume function we’ve been waiting for!

The information comes from a leaked screenshot on Twitter which appears to confirm the main features that will arrive in system software update 2.50. The screenshot was apparently taken by a PlayStation MVP who is currently in the North American beta test of the new update.

Suspend/Resume essentially means we’ll be able to suspend a game, put PS4 in standby and then reload it at will and pick up the game from exactly where we left off.

The other feature that will arrive in PS4 update 2.50 is the ability to adjust Accessibility Settings such as zooming and button assignments.

Take this with a pinch of salt until it’s officially confirmed, but it’s looking good. We have more screenshots as proof of the update on the forums.