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Damascus Gear Operation Osaka HD Out Now On PS4 in the West

Turns out Damascus Gear: Operation Osaka HD was indeed a thing, and is now available to buy on the PlayStation Store.

It’s available on PS4 in HD, and is also available as a separate PS Vita version.

Arc System Works are enjoying plenty of success with the release of Dragon Ball FighterZ, but the company has not cooled its jets just yet as it provides a localized port of PS Vita and PS4 isometric mech title Damascus Gear: Saikyo Exodus, now called Damascus Gear: Operation Osaka HD.

Damascus Gear: Saikyo Exodus launched for PS Vita via the PlayStation Store in Japan in March 2017, and for PlayStation 4 as Damascus Gear: Saikyo Exodus HD Edition that August.

In the original version of the game, the player pilots a robot called a “Gear” in order to repay his debt of 100 million Eyn within the span of a month. Student loan payments don’t seem so bad now.

Players can freely customize their Gear for battle from eight parts with multitudes of variations to choose from. Useful, and often superior parts can be stolen from enemies during missions to strengthen your own Gear. Parts have special effects known as characteristics. Combining parts and characteristics means you can build a Gear suited to your own strategy and tastes. More than 45 types of robots and 2,400 types of parts were added to the base version of Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo.

Once the players establishes their own Gear, they will battle against other Gears to win stacks of cash. That can be used to pay back their debt, rank up, or even take on higher difficulty missions to earn more valuable parts. Or you can just make your character a bit more fancy.

The HD Edition includes high-definition image quality, a new dropped item called a Rare Chip that can be exchanged for valuable parts at the shop, new end-game content, and balance adjustments to the game overall that make it easier to play.

Damascus Gear: Saikyo Exodus is a followup to Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo, which is also available now worldwide for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita