PS4 vs Nintendo Switch: Horizon Zero Dawn wins console exclusive battle


PS4 vs Nintendo Switch – Zelda fails to beat Horizon Zero Dawn

Chart-Track has confirmed that PlayStation 4-exclusive open-world title Horizon: Zero Dawn has beaten off stiff competition from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to claim the U.K. number one spot. 

In doing so, Guerrilla Games’ critically acclaimed IP has given PS4 its biggest new IP launch to date, and is the biggest videogame release for Sony since the launch of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End last May. Zelda had to settle for second place as a result of Horizon’s success, with the majority of copies sold for the newly-launched Nintendo Switch.

Elsewhere, Grand Theft Auto 5 continues to remain a chart staple at number three, with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare finally falling out of the top 10 thanks to an influx of new titles for the Switch. 

Horizon Zero Dawn Review

Horizon is the first new IP from Guerrilla Games since it launch Killzone for the PS2 back in the mid-2000s, and sees players exploring a post-apocalyptic landscape populated by mechanical beasts that have supplanted humans as the dominant race on earth. Gamers control Aloy, a season hunter, who must hunt these robotic foes to harvest their vital components to fuel humanity’s survival efforts. 

Check out the Top 10 below:

  1. Horizon Zero Dawn (Sony)
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo)
  3. Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar)
  4. 1-2 Switch (Nintendo)
  5. For Honor (Ubisoft)
  6. FIFA 17 (EA)
  7. Super Bomberman R (Konami)
  8. Rocket League (505 Games)
  9. Sniper Elite 4 (Sold Out)
  10. Battlefield 1 (EA)