PS4 vs. Xbox One: Microsoft ‘respects’ Sony, won’t compare next-gen specifications

The last week or so has seen numerous reports comparing the specifications of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with recent claims stating Sony’s console is around 50 per cent faster than Microsoft’s machine.

However, Phil Spencer, who heads Microsoft Game Studios, has refused to be drawn into the debate when asked to compare both next-generation machines during a chat with Famitsu magazine (via DualShockers).

“We’re focusing on what we’re doing ourselves. While I won’t make a comparison, Sony has a long history of success with PlayStation, and I respect them from the bottom of my heart.”

Still, as Spencer extolled the console’s day-one offerings he couldn’t resist a slight jab at the competition by mentioning the number of E3 awards Xbox One software has under its belt.

“When talking about the Xbox One, what’s most exciting is the line-up of games. At the time of launch and between the first two holiday seasons the content is very rich. AT E3 we announced the line-up of exclusive titles, led by Titanfall, and we won many more awards than any other platforms. It was the record number of awards won in the history of E3.

“The number of both existing IPs and new IPs is considerable too. We’re also reviving the old IP Killer Instinct. I believe the title line up will become very strong, especially for the first two years.”

PS4 is due out in the U.S. on November 15 and in Europe on November 29, while Xbox One launches in both territories on November 22.

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