PS4’s first PS Plus discount: Tiny Brains discount at December release

While PS4 owners can access Resogun and Contrast via the PS Plus Instant Game Collection right now, the service has yet to receive any PS4-flavored game discounts–until now.

Enter Tiny Brains, the four-person co-op puzzler starring four charmingly mutated lab animals and their varied powers of manipulation. Players work together using abilities like force-push, force-pull, teleportation, and ice-block-building to solve a host of puzzle rooms and escape from their mad scientist overlords. It’s colorful, funny, and a damn good time with four DualShock 4 controllers. Check out my hands-on preview of the game from the PS4 review event.

The PS Plus bonus? Tiny Brains is coming out December 3, which is a slight delay from its planned release date of November 26, but the shift will make it part of the PS Plus offerings for the month. As such, if you’re a PS Plus member, you can download Tiny Brains for 10 percent off when it hits the PlayStation Store on December 3.

Other December PS Plus offerings have yet to be revealed, so stay tuned to PSU for breaking updates as they come. In the meantime, let us know if you’re excited for Tiny Brains, PS4’s first Plus discount, in the comments below.