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PS5 Adds Notification To Clear Up Confusion When Playing Cross-Gen Games

Sony Interactive Entertainment has finally implemented a new PS5 update that helps to clear up any confusion regarding what versions of a cross-generation game you are wanting to play.

Thanks to this, you are now able to check which version of a game – PS4 or PS5 – you are about to access. Previously, users found themselves grabbing the wrong version of a specific title as Sony didn’t make it clear what version of a game they were about to play.

Now, when you choose to start up a PS4 version of a game when the next-generation version is also on your system, it will cause a message to pop up giving you the chance to switch to the version they want.

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This is obviously a welcome addition to the PS5’s overall user interface, which to be fair offers an incredibly smooth experience for console owners.

[Source – Tidux on Twitter]