PS5: Almost 1 Year later

Within roughly 2 months the PS5 will turn one year old and by the looks of things, Sony has plans to unveil a new model. In the past, Sony has always looked to ways to improve their technology, something that quite often entailed making the console smaller. Of course making the console smaller is also a way of affecting cost-cutting actions; it’s no secret that first generation models have high manufacturing costs, and then of course there’s the marketing aspect. Whenever a new console gets released, it serves as the perfect reminder of the product while also letting gamers know that the newest version of the console is available.

The PS4’s power & affordability

For the PS5 things have been a bit different though. Despite reporting sales figures of 7.8 million units as of the 31st of March 2021, there are still many PlayStation fans who simply cannot afford it. Many such fans have the previous generation, the PS4 – to this day an incredibly formidable piece of gaming hardware – and thus one who’s clientele must still be catered to. For this reason developers have been under pressure to create gaming content that caters to both the PS5 and the PS4. The dilemma that this creates is that it means that Sony’s latest entry into the console market cannot as of yet realise its full potential. The transition or the mass migration to the PS5 will eventually happen, but many see it as one of the slowest in the plus 25 years of the PlayStation’s history.

External factor to consider

It would be impossible to overlook the global health crises of the last year and a half and its impact on the availability of the PS5, let alone the PS5’s effect on the US dollar. Sony is a multinational conglomerate corporation whose impact is felt everywhere. Something as significant as the launch of a new PlayStation has the ability to impact upon multiple currencies. The machine itself is the amalgamation of components made in different parts of the world and then assembled. The global health crises placed a severe strain on Sony to be able to assemble enough machines in time for the launch and let’s not forget about the scalpers who bought the console in bulk supply with the goal being to profit by way of charging more per console.

The new PS5

The dust hasn’t yet settled and as Sony now looks to release a new version of the PS5, most gamers are noting that the changes it is making aren’t enough to circumvent any of the issues it’s already encountered. Apparently the company is looking to release a new version of the PS5 Digital Edition that will, drum roll, please, will be lighter than the launch version and have a screw that will enable gamers to remove the machine’s base stand without the aid of a screwdriver. Now let’s be frank, that doesn’t sound like much at all. However, if one takes into account the sheer annoyance at having to unscrew the base stand, then the thought of that issue being resolved becomes an appealing one. Then there’s the consoles’ lighter weight – then ounces to be exact – and because many of us still use the metric system – 284 grams. That’s really not much, but still significant enough to exact some kind of technological change. As there are no actual facts or figures to account for this drop in weight, theories have come to the fore. Two credible theories have been suggested. The first one suggests that Sony has found a way to compensate for the hardware shortages that have made it difficult for gamers to get their hands on a new console. The second and more plausible theory suggests that the new PS5 will feature a new wireless communication device. For now, all bets are off and we’ll all just have to wait and see what transpires on November 12.