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PS5 And Xbox Series X Game Price Increase Is Justified, Says Take-Two

The increased price of PS5 and Xbox Series X games under the Take-Two label is justified due to the ‘extraordinary quality’ of those titles, the company’s CEO, Strauss Zelnick, has said during an interview with

Take-Two Stands Behind Next-Gen Game Price Hike

The next instalment in the NBA 2K series is going to cost $69.99 for the PS5 and Xbox Series X version of the game, which is $10 higher than current-generation machines. However, Zelnick reckons the price hike is justified when you consider what the games offer on new machines.

There hasn’t been a price increase for frontline titles for a really long time, despite the fact that it costs a great deal more to make those titles. And we think with the value we offer consumers…and the kind of experience you can really only have on these next-generation consoles, that the price is justified. But it’s easy to say that when you’re delivering extraordinary quality, and that’s what our company prides itself on doing.

Quizzed if the industry as a whole should follow Take-Two’s stance on next-gen prices, he replied:

We just speak for ourselves. Obviously, we don’t speak for the industry and the industry naturally does not coordinate on these matters, to say the very least.

The pricing has to reflect the quality of the experience, and we aim to provide the best experiences in the business. And from our point of view, it’s an extremely modest price change given that prices haven’t changed for a very long time.

During the publisher’s first quarter earnings call this week, Zelnick also strongly hinted that it will bring more of its back catalogue to PS5 and Xbox Series X.

[Source – via Video Game Chronicle]