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PS5 DualSense Latency Test Suggests No Difference Between Using It Wired Or Wireless

Reddit user dospaquetes has put the PS5 DualSense controller through its paces in regards to latency, and has found that there’s not significant difference when using the controller wired or wirelessly.

The user noted that they were sitting pretty close to the console when testing it, and as such there could be stability issues when sitting further back or if there are obstacles interfering with the line of sight between the PS5 and the DualSense. That said, it seems that the controller performs well with both connections.

These results suggest that Sony has fixed the “issue” that the DS4 had more input lag wired than wireless on PS4 for the Dualsense on PS5, but those improvements do not apply to the DS4. I say “issue” in quotes because how much you care about this will vary from person to person.

It’s definitely good news for competitive players who attend large events where a lot of players are using bluetooth at the same time, which can cause connectivity issues.

Some of the games tested Astro’s Playroom, Spider-Man Remastered and Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. For each game, they found the most responsive action and mapped it to R1 using the PS5’s accessibility settings.

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All three games found no stastitical difference between wired and wireless. The only difference was when testing Rocket League on PS5 and PS4, where the DualShock 4 was faster using a wireless connection in comparison to the DualSense.

[Source – Reddit]