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PS5 DualSense Patent Showcases Voice Control, Controller Internals, More


A newly released patent for the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller has given us a deep dive look at the internal architecture of the controller. In addition to a breakdown of the controller’s internal workings, the patent also sheds light on the DualSense’s voice control feature as enabled by an impressive mic array.

More than that, the patent also goes into some detail on the advanced noise-cancelling technology that the DualSense will use in order to pick up user audio in a way that helps the controller to avoid picking up audio from elsewhere in the environment:

“Many input devices used for game operations have a plurality of operation members such as an operation stick, a push button, a cross key (direction key), and a trigger button. Patent Document 1 discloses an input device having such an operation member and having a voice input function. This input device has a microphone array composed of a plurality of microphones. In Patent Document 1, adaptive beamforming processing is executed for a user’s uttered voice by using voice data obtained from a plurality of microphones.”

Spotted by the eagle eyes of Twitter user ZubyWHUPS, the patent comes with a number of images which clearly display the inner workings and trigger functions of Sony’s next-generation controller. You can catch some of the images that were filed with this intriguing patent below:


This latest patent for the DualSense controller is another in a long line of registered patents for Sony’s PlayStation 5 console, such as two recently published patents which detail the cooling solution used in the latest PlayStation 5 development kits and some sort of cartridge device which might be used with the console.

PlayStation 5 is still currently on track to release during holiday 2020.

Source: ZubyWHUPS via PSLS