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PS5 Game Prices – Dutch Online Retailer Displays 25 Percent Markup Over PS4 Prices

It looks like that PlayStation 5 games will cost a fair amount more than PlayStation 4 games if listings from an online Dutch retailer are to believed. Spotted by LetsGoDigital, Dutch online retailer have a variety of PS5 titles for pre-order, ranging from Gran Turismo 7 through to Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, for €74.99 – an increase of 25% over current PS4 game prices.

Of course, while these prices look to be placeholders, when taken in tandem with 2K’s own additional $10 premium for PlayStation 5 games, it paints a grim picture of just how hard next-generation console titles could punch us all collectively in the wallet.

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The rising costs of developing next-generation titles also dovetails directly into comments from former SIE head honcho Shawn Layden, who recently remarked that developers will need to reduce their budgets, or make peace with higher RRPs at retail.

Either way, owning a PlayStation 5 console (or an Xbox Series X, for that matter), doesn’t look to be an inexpensive pursuit at this juncture.

Source: via LetsGoDigital