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PS5 Games – What We Know So Far – UPDATED 14/08/2019

PS5 Games

Now that we know something about the PS5 spec and release window, it’s only natural that we turn our attention to the PS5 games (both standard and PSVR driven) that be available for Sony’s next-generation PlayStation console, and with the PS4 having such a great selection of exclusive titles and indie efforts, we expect PS5 to do equally as well, if not better – especially given the improved tech at Sony’s disposal.

Updated 14/08/2019 – Added Borderlands 3

PS5 Games – next-generation games to look forward to

Though there are number of obvious franchise candidates such as Far Cry PS5, Assassin’s Creed PS5, Battlefield PS5, FIFA PS5, Madden PS5 and more that will make the leap to the next-generation PlayStation, there are a fair handful of games that have already been set to release on PS5 that exist outside these annual IPs.

Borderlands 3 PS5

If you’ve wanted to get stuck into Borderlands 3 when on PS5 you are in luck my friends.

borderlands 3 PS5 Xbox Scarlett

According to comments from developer Gearbox Software, a Borderlands 3 PS5 and Xbox Scarlett port has ‘definitely’ been looked at, and with the game no doubt boasting a generous DLC schedule that will take it deep into the next generation of consoles, this seems like an extremely sensible thing to happen.

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Call of Duty PS5

A job listing posted by longtime Call of Duty developer and partner Treyarch calls for a Senior Tools Engineer and is worded thusly – “Treyarch is seeking a Senior Tools Engineer to join our Core Engine Team to deliver a next-generation AAA title in 2020.”

Call of Duty PS5 PlayStation 5

The key words in that job posting are ‘next-generation’ and given that the next Call of Duty after this year’s Modern Warfare reboot is certain to release in 2020, it looks like a lock that Call of Duty will arrive for PS5 sometime next year.

Cyberpunk 2077 PS5

During an investors call earlier this year, CD Projekt Red CEO Adam Kiciński was enthusiastic when questioned about whether or not Cyberpunk 2077 would be a cross-gen release.

Cyberpunk 2077 PS5

In responding to the question Kiciński said “If there is an opportunity for us to launch Cyberpunk for another generation, we would want to do this probably,” A Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 release makes sense too when you consider that the game is totally without any kind of release window, let alone a release date. As such, we’d expect to see the game release at the launch of PS5 if not a little bit after.

Dauntless PS5

With well over six million players (not bad for game that has been barely out for just over a month), one of the best things that free-to-play Monster Hunter effort Dauntless does is that it allows players who own i on PC, Xbox One and PS4 to play with each other under an initiative called ‘One Dauntless‘.

PS5 Games Dauntless

When asked in an interview whether or not Dauntless would be coming to PS5, Director of Marketing at developer Phoenix Labs, Nick Clifford, said that they are ‘ravenous for new hardware’ and that future formats such as PS5 and Xbox Scarlett are on the cards because that will maintain the notion that Dauntless will be playable against everyone on everything from anywhere. Sounds like Dauntless PS5 is happening to us.

Death Stranding PS5

Though not explicitly confirmed by Hideo Kojima himself, when lead systems architect Mark Cerny was quizzed about the possibility of Death Stranding being a PS4 and a PS5 release, his words failed to confirm that the game would arrive on PS5.

Death Stranding PS5

However his actions – leaving a pregnant pause and putting on a cheeky smile suggests that Kojima’s next opus will in fact be bound for PS5. I mean, after all, if it wasn’t he could have just denied it outright. Right?

Dragon Age 4 PS5

Only recently confirmed to actually be a thing, the current release trajectory for the next Dragon Age suggests that we won’t see it for at least another three years – putting it slap bang in PS5 release territory.

Dragon Age 4 PS5

Assuming Bioware and EA don’t get cold feet and unceremoniously can Dragon Age 4 before now and then, we reckon Dragon Age 4 on PS5 is a sure thing.

Dying Light 2 PS5

Though open-world, zombie mashing epic Dying Light 2 is set for release on PS4 next year, developer Techland has also confirmed that Dying Light 2 will release on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, too.

PS5 Games Dying Light 2

According to the developer, a cross-generation release for Dying Light 2 was always on the cards, which hopefully means that with development proceeding apace, that Dying Light will release on PS5 at or around the launch of the machine.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake PS5

Fully unveiled at E3 2019, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is looking like every bit the full-bodied remake (or re-imagining) that many of us hoped it would be after its original announcement back at E3 2015.

final fantasy 7 remake ps5

As far as a PS5 release goes, Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda has confirmed that the game is being developed with both PS4 and PS5 in mind – a seemingly obvious fact in retrospect when you consider that Final Fantasy 7 Remake will span multiple installments after the first one releases in March 2020.

Grand Theft Auto 6 PS5

If a new leak is to be believed (salt shakers at the ready), then it looks like that Rockstar Games began work on the next Grand Theft Auto title back in 2012 – even before Grand Theft Auto 5 released, with full-scale production kicking off in 2015.

PS5 Games GTA 6

Apparently inspired by Netflix’s superb Narcos TV show, GTA 6 has players controlling just a single character in a sprawling chapter based story (like RDR2) across fan favorite city Vice City and a location in Central America as he claws his way up the drug trade. More than all that however, was the mention that GTA 6 would definitely arrive on PS5; a fact that given the timescales involved, would almost certainly be the case regardless if this leak was true or not.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum PS5

Announced by graphic adventure specialists Daedalic Entertainment earlier this year, Lord of the Rings: Gollum is an adventure that puts players behind the beady eyes of Gollum as they experience his corruption by the One Ring and subsequent descent into madness.

Lord of the Rings Gollum PS5

The PS5 confirmation came when the announcement press release for Lord of the Rings: Gollum stated that not only would the game would release sometime in 2021 (by which time the PS5 would already have been released), but that it would release on “all relevant console platforms at the time”. That’ll be PS5, then.

Monstrum II PS5

The sequel to Monstrum (no kidding), Monstrum II puts a multiplayer spin on the survival horror mechanics employed by the first game and has players facing monsters that are controlled by other players in procedural generated game worlds.

best ps5 games monstrum ii

Sounding utterly terrifying, Monstrum II is confirmed to release on PC in late 2020, with plans for current and next generation Playstation and Xbox consoles to follow. So yep, the odds are very good that Monstrum II will land on PS5 – watch this space!

Rainbow Six Siege PS5

One of the most popular online FPS titles available, the very notion of Ubisoft not wanting to instantly translate all of Rainbow Six Siege’s substantial userbase onto Sony’s next generation PlayStation is utterly mad.

Rainbow Six Siege PS5

Indeed, Ubisoft have said that Rainbow Six’s continued success means that there will be no plans for a sequel and that the existing game would simply migrate over to PS5 and Xbox 2 (or whatever it ends up being called). As to the mechanism of how this will be achieved, whether it’s purely through backwards compatibility or the release of an enhanced version of the game, that isn’t quite so clear at this point.

Regardless though, folks who are enjoying the game right now can rest easy knowing that they’ll be able to continue playing Rainbow Six Siege all the way through the next-generation of PlayStation.

Starfield PS5

Though Starfield is a sci-fi epic of Bethesda’s usual grand proportions we actually know very little of it outside of the brief teaser video that was released midway through 2018.

Starfield PS5

What we do know however, is that the game is being built exclusively with next-gen consoles in mind – and that means PS5.

The Elder Scrolls VI PS5

Though pre-production on the next Elder Scrolls title has only recently started, it is going to be a long, long time before we see it.

The Elder Scrolls VI PS5

If that isn’t strongly suggestive of the fact that The Elder Scrolls VI will land on PS5, consider the fact that Starfield, another Bethesda IP that has been fully confirmed for PS5, will be arriving first. So yeah, The Elder Scrolls VI on PS5 is certainly going to be a thing.

Watch Dogs Legion PS5

It’s fair to say that when Ubisoft showcased its Watch Dogs threequel at E3 2019 that it duly impressed. And as if to ram the point home, the subsequent 30 minute gameplay video for Watch Dogs Legion impressed even further.

Watch Dogs Legion PS5

Better yet, when the platforms for Watch Dogs Legion were announced, it clearly mentions that it will be coming to ‘PlayStation platforms’, instead of just ‘PS4’, confirming in a roundabout way that Watch Dogs Legion (like many AAA games in 2020), will very likely be headed to PS5.

Stay tuned as we update this article as more and more PS5 games are confirmed.

Until then, do let us know in the comments about what games you’re looking forward to seeing (and playing!) on PS5.