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PS5 Hardware Sales In Japan Are On The Rise Thanks To Stock Issues Being Made A Thing Of The Past

Sales of PS5 consoles across the world have seemingly always been hamstrung by the fact that since it launched in 2020, manufacturing issues have created delay after delay, with console stock never seeming to meet consumer demand.

Thankfully however, those issues are finally being resolved in parts of the world, and specifically for its Japanese market, Sony was recently able to claim that its stock issues had finally subsided.

That claim looks to have been holding true, as console sales have risen dramatically in December, with Sony able to move 70,000 PS5’s in just six days, between December 12th-18th.

The PS5 won’t be catching up to the region’s market-leading Nintendo Switch anytime soon, which was able to sell 100,000 more consoles than the PS5 in that same time, but it is an improvement on previous numbers.

While it may be too early to truly say that the global stock and manufacturing issues Sony has face are truly behind us, at least this month shows that things have definitely improved.

An important thing to consider, especially when thinking about how Sony’s vice president of platform experience recently commented that 2023 will be a “very important” year for the console.

He further went on to claim that Sony expects to sell 37 million consoles by March 2023, a goal that doesn’t seem too out of reach, considering it had hit 19.3 million units earlier this year in May.

If things continue to pick up and improve the way they already have, then it’s likely the PS5 will have no trouble reach Sony’s expectations.

Source – [PushSquare]