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PS5 Heatsink Patent Is Now Public

The PS5 heatsink patent has been put live for public consumption, which offers a deeper insight into the innards of Sony’s next-generation console.

PS5 Heatsink Patent

From what we can tell, it seems like manufacturers are looking to place the heatsink on the opposite side of the board, which may include holes to accommodate the PS5’s cooling system.

Here’s a description included with the patent:

A heatsink (21) is disposed on a lower surface of a circuit board (10). The circuit board (10) has through holes (h1) that penetrate the circuit board (10) in an area (A) where an integrated circuit apparatus (5) is disposed. Heat conduction paths (11) are provided in the through holes (h1).

The heat conduction paths (11) connect the integrated circuit apparatus 5 and the heatsink (21). This structure allows for disposition of a component different from the heatsink (21) on the same side as the integrated circuit apparatus (5), thus ensuring a higher degree of freedom in a component layout.

Sony has confirmed that it will launch the PS5 in holiday 2020, and there’s no delay expected unless Microsoft opts to postpone the release of the Xbox Series X.