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PS5 Joystick Grips – What PS5 Joystick Grips Are Available?

PS5 Joystick Grips – The DualSense controller is a comfortable and reliable piece of kit, no doubt about it. However, there’s always room for players to enhance the usability of the PS5 pad, which is where PS5 joystick grips come into play. These handy items afford greater comfortability and accuracy, and are easily applied to to the controller’s analogue sticks to ensure greater stability. In addition, you can purchase grips for the controller itself that are attached to each side ensuring a more comfortable grip. A lot of folk who use them claim they greatly improve gaming sessions! If you’re in the market for some joystick grips, we’ve compiled a handy list below for you to choose from.

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PS5 Joystick Grips – What PS5 Joystick Grips Are Available?

  1. PlayVital Thumbs Pro ARMOR Thumbstick Extender For PS5 Wireless Controller Thumb Grips — £12.99

2. 4 Pro Thum Grip Caps Compatible With PS4 & PS5 Joystick Controller £4.59

3. Venom Thumb Grips For PS5 — £7.99

4. Mythics Thumb Grips For PS5 — £8.99

5. eXtreme PlayVital Red Anti-Skid Sweat-Absorbent Controller Grip For PS5 — £12.99


6. Lizard Skins DPS Controller Grip For PS5 (Black Camo) — $14.99

7. Hotline Games 2.0 Plus Controller Grip For PS5 Controller — £16.99

8. KontrolFreek FPS Freek Inferno For PS5 Performance Thumbsticks — £15.89