PS5 Player Identification System Hinted At In New Sony Patent

A new patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment has suggested the format holder is looking to include a player identification system in the PS5.

PS5 Player Identification System On The Way?

Spotted by Gaming INTEL, the patent is titled ‘Player Identification System and Method,’ and is described as “a player identification system for identifying players from recorded video content.”

The idea of the feature originates from users uploading unidentifiable online video game content, which makes it difficult to determine the game, characters and/or players involved. The patent offers a way to prevent this from happening.

Sony will launch the PS5 in holiday 2020, although a price point has yet to be determined. However, it is expected the new console will retail for around $499.

The new system will ship with the DualSense controller, which offers a far more immersive experience than previous DualShock controllers. The pad will include a Create button (replacing the Share button on the DS4) and haptic feedback among other features.