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PS5 Pro Release To Happen In 2023/4, Reckons TV Manufacturer TCL

A recent presentation by TCL, a Polish TV manufacturer, has pegged the PS5 Pro release for 2023/4 alongside a mid-cycle refresh for the Xbox Series X/S.

The company reckons that the PS5 Pro will feature a significant improvement in terms of hardware performance over the main PS5, featuring “2160p/60-12- render” and “UHD-8K/60-12- output” thanks to the new AMD Radeon “RX7700XT GPU.”

This is all just speculation though, as Sony and Microsoft haven’t made any official announcements about a mid-cycle refresh for their consoles.

However, in regards to Sony, the prospect of a PS5 Pro isn’t all that unlikely considering we got one with the PS4, and previous PlayStation hardware have also seen design revisions in the ‘Slim’ range, such as the PS3 Slim and the PS2 Slim.

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This isn’t the first time we’ve heard mumurs about PS5 Pro. Back in March, it was reported by RedGaming Tech that the system will launch by 2024, although again, nothing has been confirmed yet.

[Source – TCL via PSLS]