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PS5 Pro Specs Leak Reportedly Prompts Internal Investigation From Sony

Sony Interactive Entertainment has launched an internal investigation into the widely-publicised PS5 Pro spec leak that occurred over past few days, which saw a number of key details regarding the as-yet unannounced console made available.

As expected, Sony has launched an internal investigation into the leaked documents on Trinity as it leaked during a third-party rollout. Not sure on the implications yet as I don’t think they can catch one individual, but Sony could reduce its third-party developer pool for new tech as a result.

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In case you missed it, reports on the PS5 Pro claim that Sony’s mid-cycle refresh will feature a hybrid of RDNA 3/4 for its GPU, and will feature PlayStation’s Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR) that is allegedly targeting 4K 120 FPS/8K 60 FPS. Henderson also claimed that the PS5 Pro dev its look pretty much identical to those found in the original PS5 model.

Elsewhere, the PS5 Pro reportedly offers 45% more rendering speed than the original version of Sony’s flagship console, and also improves on the hardware’s ray tracing capabilities.

As mentioned, Sony hasn’t announced the PS5 Pro yet, but it’s only a matter of time now until we hear something. If we’re to believe earlier reports, the console is set to launch in November 2024.

[Source – Tom Henderson on Twitter]