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Rumour — PS5 Pro Specs Reveal 45% Faster Rendering, 3x Ray Tracing Performance Than Base Console

YouTuber Moore’s Law Is Dead has shared details on the PS5 Pro specs ahead of the console’s rumoured November 2024 release, claiming it will have the ability to render around 45% faster than the base version of Sony’s flagship home console.

Speaking in a new video, the PS5 Pro will reportedly include three key features, including a bigger GPU with faster system memory, as well as improved ray tracing capabilities, reported to be up to three times as fast as the launch PS5 model. In addition, Sony’s mid-cycle refresh will feature PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution upscaling/antialiasing solution powered by custom machine learning architecture using 300 TOPS of 8-bit computation and 67 TFLOPs of 16-bit floating point.

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The PS5 Pro has been rumoured for some time now, and according to Colin Moriarty, specifications have already been in possession of first and second parties for a while. Jeff Grubb also previously claimed that the PS5 Pro will arrive in late 2024 with Sony’s own DLSS solution.

Back in May 2023 it was reported that PS5 Pro development kits were going to be distributed to first-party studios over the next few months. Fast-forward to July, and a new report stated that the console is known internally as Project Trinity, and is slated for a Nov. 2024 release.