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PS5 Pro Specs Already In Possession Of First & Second-Parties, According To Colin Moriarty

With rumours rife that Sony will launch the PS5 Pro later this year, Sacred Symbols’ Colin Moriary has claimed that first and second-party developers have gained access to specs for the console based on what they’re aiming for with the mid-cycle refresh.

I was told explicitly by someone that works at a midsize third-party publisher that they were given a presentation for PS5 Pro, and I understand that first-parties and second-parties have already had access to the spec of what they’re aiming for.

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Last week it was claimed by the CEO of Kantan Games that Sony would be releasing a PS5 Pro in the second half of this year. Previously, Jeff Grubb has said that not only will the PS5 Pro launch in late 2024, but it will arrive with Sony’s own DLSS solution.

Tom Henderson claimed back in May last year that PS5 specs were already in the hands of first-party developers, and a separate report claimed that the console is known internally as Project Trinity.

[Source – Sacred Symbols]