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PS5 Production Doubles As ‘Sony Orders 10 Million Units’ In 2020 – Report

Production of the upcoming PS5 has reportedly doubled as format holder Sony prepares for the console’s launch this holiday season.

Sony Doubles PS5 Production

According to a report on Bloomberg, the hardware manufacturer has ordered 10 million PS5s for 2020, which is up from the previous figure of five-six million units by March 2021. Mass production reportedly kicked off in June and is expected to reach five million by September.

Bloomberg goes on to say that the additional five million PS5s would be manufactured between October and December, although it may not reach the US and Europe until next year due to how long shipments take from China via ocean lines.

The report says that Sony may opt to replenish PS5 stock via air cargo as it did with the PS4 at launch, although this avenue has been affected by the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

Finally, sources have also indicated that Sony is ramping up production of the DualSense controller.

The PS5 is currently pencilled in for release in holiday 2020.

[Source – Bloomberg via Video Game Chronicle]