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PS5 Ray-Tracing ‘Pretty Easy To Implement,’ Says Developer

PS5 Title Quantum Error To Recieve A New Teaser At The Future Games Show

The developer behind Quantum Error has said that PS5 ray-tracing is ‘pretty easy’ to implement in games, and confirmed that the upcoming horror title will indeed support the feature.

PS5 Ray-Tracing Details

Speaking on Twitter in response to comments about PS5 having problems in implementing real-time ray-tracing, the studio shed a little light on its experiences in working with the technology for Quantum Error.

Quantum Error WILL 100% use real-time ray-tracing. It’s pretty easy to implement. The thing we have noticed is things have to be as perfect as possible when viewing things with ray-tracing as anything not done right is very obvious in this type of lighting and reflections.

Furthermore, when asked what photorealism they want to achieve with ray-tracing in the game, the account responded:

We are definitely going for as photo realistic as possible within what is capable and still run at 60FPS, but at the same time if something supports an artistic vision that is not 100% photo realistic, but is awesome we are cool with that too.

TeamKill Media clarified that Quantum Error is not quite a PS5 launch title despite a tweet earlier in the week to the contrary.

Source: Twitter (Quantum Error)