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PS5 Reportedly Accounts For 72% Of Next-Gen Console Preorders In US

According to a study conducted by VGM, the PS5 has taken the lion’s share of next-generation console preorders in the US, with the disc-based version of Sony’s new home console accounting for 72% of successful preorders.

PS5 Has Taken Lion’s Share Of US Next-Gen Preorders

Conducted from September 23 to 25 this year among 511 US-based candidates, the survey found that 15% of people managed to grab a preorder for a next-generation console. Of these individuals, 72% of them plumped for the PS5 disc edition, 30% went for the Xbox Series X, 10% jumped on the PS5 Digital-Only Edition, while 8% selected the Xbox Series S.

Elsewhere, 29% of respondents said they were unable to preorder a next-gen console when given the chance, with 58% having attempted to preorder the PS5 Standard Edition. Xbox Series X took 40%, the PS5 Digital-Only Edition had 21% of people unsuccessfully trying to preorder, and Xbox Series S came up the rear with 11%.

The PS5 is due out on November 12 in the US and Japan and in the UK and Europe on November 19. The Xbox Series X/S meanwhile will launch worldwide on November 10.

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