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PS5 Reportedly Getting Restocked At GAME Today, New Bundles Appear For Preorder

UK retail giant GAME is reportedly getting fresh PS5 stock in today at some point this morning, although at the time of writing the system is still listed as ‘out of stock.’

The company recent updated its website with a series of new PS5 bundles, featuring a delivery date of March 8. GAME has had a number of restocks over the past few weeks for PS5, although scalpers have been getting their paws on much of the stock by circumventing online queues using bots.

You can see here for a number of PS5 bundles that are available to preorder.

Speaking of scalpers, Jordan, who represents scalping group The Lab, recently suggested that these groups do not deserve the negativity in the press they have been getting.

Elsewhere, id Software’s John Carmack has said that Sony and Microsoft should start auctioning their own console stock in an effort to combat scalpers.

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