PSN attack fears as hackers take Steam down

Fears are growing that the PlayStation Network could be taken down by groups of hackers over the Christmas period, following problems with Steam servers yesterday.

psn down logo

A group called Phantom Squad claim to be behind a DDoS attack on Steam yesterday. They teased gamers on Twitter by posting “100 rt’s & we will stop the attack on Steam.” It’s believed that Xbox Live and PSN will be the next targets after posts from numerous Twitter accounts, allegedly related to the group, made threats.

Last year, the same group threatened to attack the PlayStation Network over the holiday period but nothing happened, and in 2014 the PlayStation Servers were seriously affecting with downtime taking millions of gamers offline over Christmas.

Sony’s network has experienced quite a few outages throughout 2016, but an attack over the Christmas period gives the hackers much bigger exposure with millions of gamers hoping to play online during that period affected by their actions.

We’ll be monitoring the situation over the next few days, and will provide reports and updates of any PSN down time should it occur.