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The PlayStation Network Is Down, And With All Platforms Being Impacted

PlayStation License Issue

UPDATE 21/03/24: All services are now up and running, after the network was down for several hours.

Original Story:

The PlayStation Network is currently experiencing a service outage, with all services being down across all PlayStation platforms.

Every console including PS3, PS Vita, PS4, PS5, even visiting the PlayStation Store on the web browser, is down. Now the official service status website does indicate that players “might” have trouble, so if you’re able to sign in, then consider yourself lucky.

But for anyone else, signing in and multiple other services are currently out of service. Importantly however, if you’re able to sign in, then playing games online should technically still work, since it’s not listed as being affected.

Here’s a list of all services impacted:

  • Sign in
  • Create account
  • Edit account
  • Game streaming
  • Accessing PlayStation Video content
  • Redeeming PlayStation Store vouchers
  • Browsing, searching, purchasing and downloading games and apps from the PlayStation Store

According to the service status website, these issues have been ongoing since 12:51pm ET, which means that at time of writing it’s been down for nearly two and a half hours.

Hopefully the issues are resolved soon, or if the outage lasts any longer, we get some word from PlayStation as to what’s happening.

Source – [PlayStation Network Service Status]