PSN outage, password problems and account management inaccessible – security breached?

UPDATE – The PSN is up and working for us. We can access Store and our account information…phew!

After the unscheduled downtime of the PlayStation Network and PlayStation Store today, some PlayStation users are claiming that they have been forced to reset their passwords.

Via forums, Facebook and Twitter, some users are worried that the PSN may be under attack.

“Somethings up there asking me to change me password can’t get into account managment, store also down #psn is it under attack?!” Tweets @Purple_bin

“Seems that the #psn is down out of the blue. I had to change my password just to be told this annoying fact.#playsation3,” Tweets @Killian_Bussey

Sony appears to be on top of the issue, typing on Twitter – “PSN services are beginning to restore. However account management functions are still unavailable as we continue to reinstate full service.”

The fact that the account management section is where all our personal data is kept, and with reports that users are being asked to reset passwords, we’re still a little concerned at this point that the outage could be connected with a security issue. But then again we could be a little paranoid after last year’s massive security breach.

Have you been asked to change your PSN password today? Join in the debate.