PSN outages could last "a full day or two" as speculation of Anonymous attack arises

The widespread PlayStation Network outages continue as gamers from previously stable regions (Europe, Japan, Australia) are now reporting connection problems along with their North American counterparts. When users with steady Internet connections attempt to log into the PlayStation Network, they’re greeted with errors codes like ‘80710A06’ and are ultimately unable to connect.

"While we are investigating the cause of the Network outage, we wanted to alert you that it may be a full day or two before we’re able to get the service completely back up and running," said SCEA Senior Director of Corporate Communications Patrick Seybold in a recent update on the PlayStation Blog. "Thank you very much for your patience while we work to resolve this matter. Please stay tuned to this space for more details, and we’ll update you again as soon as we can."

Some speculate that the global PSN outages are the work of Anonymous, a notorious group of Internet hackers angered by the recent lawsuit between Sony and hacker George Hotz. That lawsuit was resolved on March 31, 2011. No official statement has emerged from either party (Anonymous, Sony), but that hasn’t stopped the users of the PlayStation Network from pointing fingers at the infamous band of web hackers.

"Anonymous team you better disappear forever for what [you’ve] done," writes one angry PSN user on the PS Blog, "this is BIG jail sentence."

We’ll keep you updated on the situation as soon as we hear more. For now, it’s back to single-player games!

[Editor’s Note: We apologize for our delayed review of Mortal Kombat, but we need to test out online play before we write it up. Expect to see our MK review up a day or two after PSN service returns.]