PSN still suffering from sporadic outages

Just as it looked like gamers were out of the woods regarding disruption to the PlayStation Network a spate of sporadic outages have again started to plague some of the user base.

Reports are widespread across Twitter, NeoGAF and Reddit that the PSN is suffering from indefinite loading periods, sign-in issues and friend lists disappearing. Players are also unable to access servers for games such as Warthunder, but many can still gain entry to the PlayStation Store.

A maintenance period was initially scheduled by Sony for Monday, August 26, but due the outage it was pushed back to an unknown date – with no official word from Sony as to when it would indeed happen. This outage may of course be that aforementioned maintenance period but given Sony’s silence on the problem thus far it doesn’t seem likely.

The issue follows the much-publicised DDoS attack which struck Sony, along with many other electronic bigwigs, on Sunday – with a group of hackers taking responsibility for the act as well as diverting a San Diego-bound American Airlines flight carrying Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley. 

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