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PSOne Turned Into Working Handheld By Florida-Based Model YveltalGriffin

Modder YveltalGriffin has managed to turn a PSOne into a fully operation handheld console dubbed the PS Hanami.

The Florida-based model used original PSOne hardware to manufacture the device rather than using emulation technology, and describes it as “an old-school portable with lots of hot glue.” It measures about seven inches long and runs off a built-in battery, which has a charge life of around 2.5 hours.

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The modder added that they used the original PSOne motherboard and cut it in half before folding it “like a book” and rewired it, which was necessary in order to fit the hardware into the device. As it would no longer be able to play CDs, they removed the disc drive and replaced it with XStation (an optical drive emulator), allowing users to run PS disc image from an SD card.

The PS Hanami uses the rumble functionality of the DualShock controller, but there’s no analogue sticks, so some titles won’t work. YveltalGriffin also mentions that there are a number of problems with the device, so it’s not flawless.