PSP to see more original content

During an interview with David Reeves, heard some new information and a possible revelation from the European Sony Executive.

Following a question about investing revenue into the Go! product line rather than new titles, Reeves responded, "Honestly, probably we should have had more original PSP games, and there were some PS2 ports of course, but what you’re going to see now is – on PSN there are a lot of good, original games, so the situation you might be seeing in the future is some of those games coming onto PSP. They might be shorter, but they would be far more original." Seemingly a good thought to have, given that new content and revolutionary games would not only sell titles, but also increase overall market share.

Reeves also commented on why Sony went the route of Go! branding, detailing that, "when we launched [the PSP], that rightly or wrongly it was also a media device, but actually 80 to 90 percent of the people just bought this to play games on. And we didn’t have the services, so we took this decision maybe a year ago and said what we’ll do now is we’ll bring out more services because we know that the games are coming."

Either way you look at it, the future looks promising. Instant text, voice and video messaging, GPS, camera, video content and new original games. It feels good to be a PSP owner this month, and it’ll feel even better when most of these services launch early next year.