PSU Champions: Final Fantasy VII

Our series looking at past PlayStation games in desperate need of a PS3 makeover continues, with Justin’s choice of an obscure RPG that many gamers won’t even have heard of (as if!).

Name: Justin Pinter
PSU Role: Journalist and Media Manager
Age: 20

Game Title: Final Fantasy VII
Publisher/Developer: Square Enix
Release date: 1997

Synopsis of the original game 

You are Cloud Strife, an ex member of the military group called Soldier. Hired by the rebel group Avalanche, Cloud is thrown into a dangerous world that leads him to come to terms with his shadowy past, and save the world at the same time.

Final Fantasy VII now has such a following that developer Square Enix has made a full length feature CGI movie, Final Fantasy: Advent Children.

Why is the original so good?

Final Fantasy VII is one of the greatest RPG games of all time, mixing traditional turn based action with amazing summons and an emotive and human storyline. As well as being great fun and great value (much was made of the game’s duration when it launched), but FFVII featured some of the most memorable characters in gaming such as Cloud, Vincent, Aries, and Sephiroth (the biggest bad ass of all time!).

What would a PS3 remake/sequel add?

To redo the entire Final Fantasy VII game with the PS3 next gen hardware would be amazing; HDR lighting, normal mapping, complete 3D environments, and HD visuals. The summons would make for spectacular viewing with PS3’s all new particle effects and next gen color displays. A remake could also expand on the ending of the original and offer side quests and alternate routes – anything really to mean FFVII on PS3 never ends.

Do you agree FFVII would make a good PS3 game or not? Tell us below, and look out for more PSU Champions entering the arena soon.