PSU Champions: Shadow of the Colossus

Today sees the start of a new series of features called simply "PSU champions…". Here, your very own PSU staff will put forward their case for why their favourite PS one and PS2 games should be reborn on PlayStation 3. If you’re a gamer, give us your thoughts on our choices in the feedback section below, if you’re a games developer, sit up and take notice, because these beauties are crying out for next gen reincarnation. We begin, with a masterpiece of the last twelve months…

Name: Greg Bergen
PSU role: Cheat Editor & Journalist
Age: 19

Game title: Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)
Publisher/Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment/ SCEI
Release date: 2005 (US), Feb 2006 (Euro)


In order to resurrect a young girl whom he loves, the Wanderer must slay 16 Colossi, or giants, using only his sword and trusty steed. Shadow of the Colossus (SotC) sends the player on a journey through a beautiful and mystic land. It combines action with puzzle solving as the Wanderer can only take down these giants after finding their "Achilles heel," so to speak. But little does he know that it will cost him more then just a giant’s life to bring his love back from the dead…

Why is it great?

The team who created Ico is back and combines beautiful PS2 graphics with easy controls and, at times, astoundingly complex puzzles. The ability to play as such a small human and topple a giant many times stronger and larger then himself not only gives players insight into their own lives, but revamps and sheds new light on the classic Biblical tale of David and the Goliath.

Although Shadow of the Colossus was a brilliant game which seemed to do everything right and lack nothing, the game felt rather short. Playing through on the hard difficulty would at best provide 15 hours of gameplay. This seemed far too short for a mystical journey the game geared it’s players up for. If the Ico team remade this game or provided a sequel on the PS3, they could expand this title way past what they did on the original.

With PS3 and Blu-ray, the team can open up the already expansive environments into a full-blown interactive world. SotC utilized the PS2 graphic hardware to it’s full potential, but with the RSX and Cell, the PS3 could improve those graphics two fold. The team could also create more Colossi. Then they could proceed to make them more complex, larger, faster, taller, and obey the laws of physics better then the originals. They could give the Wanderer a better arsenal of items to help rid the land of Colossi. Overall, it would leave the game feeling more complete and the player’s craving for more would finally be satisfied after completing a journey of a lifetime.

Look of for more PSU champions over the coming weeks, and let us know the games you’d like to see given the next gen treatment on PS3.