PSU Community: What do we think about South Park: The Game?

Since THQ took pulled the stage curtain back from Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s next musical video game, there have been whispers of hope around the internet for a TV licensed game that wouldn’t… well, suck.

Where in the internet? In our community of heavily opinionated South Park fans that happens to exist right here on the PSU forums.

When news broke that Obsidian — developers of titles like Fallout: New Vegas, Alpha Protocol, and Dungeon Siege III — was handling this new South Park game, some there was an almost  immediate wave of skepticism among some fans.



But Fallout: New Vegas was a good game, wasn’t it? Not everyone seems so skeptical, as some even put their faith (+1) behind Obsidian being the minds behind South Park: The Game.



Some of us here at PSU are big South Park fans as well, like Adam and I. Have our jaded pasts taught us not to get psyched for a licenced game as soon as it’s announced? Yes. Are we psyched, regardless of the fact? Yes. 



The bottom line is that we don’t even know what this game will look or play like. We pretty much only know what it’ll sound like. However, it’s nice to live in Imaginationland, and dream that South Park: The Game will be GOTY 2012.

Oh, and “Best Troll of Thread” goes to: