PSU Exclusive: 2 Days 2 Vegas Tech Demo

Now that you have had a look at 2 Days 2 Vegas in still shots, here is the first look at the technology involved behind the title in motion. This is still a very early look, basically alpha or pre-alpha footage.

As you will see in the tech demo, 2 Days 2 Vegas will include such technical features as:

– Dynamic shadows
– Diffuse textures
– Normal mapping
– Gloss
– Fresnel Reflection
– Refraction
– Water Effects (turbid water, sun glint, dynamic light)
– Ambient Occlusion
– Point Light
– Projective spotlight
– Mo-cap and animation blending

Once again, there are still some key visual technology not yet implemented. What you are looking at is about 50% of the final quality. Enjoy!


 High Quality Video will be available on PSU shortly.